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The persons named in this roll of honour, who are nominated by their U3As, are recorded here as a tribute to the outstanding service they have given to the U3A movement in the United Kingdom.

The Third Age Trust wishes to record its sense of indebtedness to the unselfish efforts of so many pioneers.
They have contributed much energy and many hours of their time to ensure the successful cultivation and expansion of the U3A movement.

In doing so they have provided thousands of people with opportunities for personal fulfillment and wellbeing.


We salute them.

Gillian Kerr Barnstaple U3A 03/04/2017
David Morton Ilkley & District U3A 01/07/2016
Brian Stephenson Morpeth & District U3A 26/02/2016
Marian Allen Rayleigh U3A 17/02/2016
Hilary Baker Settle District U3A 28/01/2016
John Lloyd Wearside U3A 08/01/2016
David Nasmyth Wells U3A 30/10/2015
Jackie Checketts Shottery U3A 12/08/2015
Mavis Hudson Bede of Jarrow U3A 30/06/2015
Bruce Evans Stone & District U3A 16/06/2015
Jill Pullan Rainworth & District U3A 29/05/2015
William Devlin Downe U3A 12/05/2015
Harold Bound Shrewsbury U3A 16/06/2015
Ron Gate Shrewsbury U3A 16/06/2015
Barbara Bond Chesterfield U3A 12/10/2015
Ian Searle Carrick U3A 03/06/2015
Joyce Gibson North Down & Ards U3A 30/04/2015
Robina Hutton Tweeddale U3A 13/11/2014
Jean Hosie Brecon U3A 09/10/2014
Joyce Vale Barnstaple U3A 09/01/2014
Phyll Babb  Sarum U3A 01/02/2013
Pascal McDonald  Foyle U3A 01/12/2012
Jean Thompson  Reading U3A 01/12/2012
Arnold Jones Anglesey U3A 29/10/2012
Jean Goodeve  Pembrokeshire U3A 17/08/2012
Graham Goodeve  Pembrokeshire U3A 17/08/2012
Judy Lorimer  Ilkley U3A 17/08/2012
Edith Senior  Dukeries U3A & Mansfield U3A 14/06/2012
Ken Bates  Nottingham U3A 09/03/2012
Ann Hayes  Belfast U3A 29/11/2011
Joyce McKay  Northallerton U3A 29/11/2011
Shirley Thew  Basildon & Billericay U3A 25/11/2011
Auriol Bradbury  Torbay U3A 25/11/2011
Ivor Manley  Farborough & District U3A 25/11/2011
Brenda James  Isle of Wight U3A 06/07/2011
Beryl Austen  Teign U3A 16/06/2011
Magda Sweetland  Knole U3A & Sevenoaks U3A 09/06/2011
Eric Wade  Havering U3A 13/05/2011
Gordon Young  Melton Mowbray U3A 03/05/2011
Hilary Greenwood  Hillingdon U3A 03/05/2011
Arthur Earl  Crawley U3A 11/04/2011
Joy Davey  Thornbury U3A 16/02/2011
Doug Jones  Porthcawl U3A 15/10/2010
Bob Boyd  Bromley U3A 24/09/2010
Dennis Cooper  Poole U3A 24/05/2010
Janice Moore  Lichfield U3A 24/05/2010
Jessie MacLachan  Headington U3A 18/03/2010
Christina Willox  Perth U3A 18/03/2010
John Bolingbroke  Brecon U3A 18/03/2010
Lorna Bolingbroke  Brecon U3A 18/03/2010
Edna Wright  Shoreham & Southwick U3A 10/03/2010
Leslie Stacey  Bromley U3A 09/11/2009
David Gallop  Grimsby & Cleethorpes U3A 09/11/2009
Chris Dickson  Salisbury & District U3A 13/10/2009
Albert Hill  Bromley U3A 13/10/2009
Peter Capp  Dunstable U3A 12/10/2009
Sylvia Sparrow  Oswestry U3A 10/09/2009
Peter Sinclair  Harrow U3A 10/09/2009
Dorothea Galewski  Bexley U3A 01/09/2009
Mina Lewis  Farnborough & District U3A 01/09/2009
Marion Bieber  London U3A 01/09/2009
Reg Cooke  Watford & District U3A 01/09/2009
Doreen Allred  Crewkerne U3A 01/09/2009
Aubrey Weinberg  Bournemouth U3A 01/09/2009

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