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Weston TurvilleFlowboarding was the latest activity for members of the Weston Turville U3A Extreme Activities Group. Some 30 members attempted, with varying degrees of success, to ride the waves at an indoor surfing facility near Bedford. Having donned their wetsuits and been given a safety briefing, the participants had plenty of time to accustom themselves to a fight against a powerful surge of water – thankfully warm – and use muscles they had not used for many years. Everyone survived the experience and the instructors, who had been reluctant to work with surfers of such an age, were amazed at the resilience of the group.  In celebration of the performance, member Trevor White composed the following verse:  The Flowrider  The water gushed from the front to the back The surfers dived in with guts and attack For some it was tough as they fell with a smack For others it was easy, they just had the knack  Some surfed on their knees, some surfed on their belly They all had fun and gave it some welly  There were aches and pains the following morn Age inappropriateness was beginning to dawn But no-one complained, they agreed with a grin They’ll be there in a flash to do it again!

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