Do Something Brilliant Today

u3a is a UK-wide movement of 1000+ charities that create the opportunity for members to come together to share skills and learn for fun.

Make the most of life, and join more than 430,000 members, by exploring new ideas and interests with your local u3a.

Do Something Brilliant Today

u3a is a UK-wide collection of 1000+ charities that provide the opportunity for those no longer in work to come together and learn for fun.

Make the most of life and join more than 430,000 members exploring new ideas, skills and interests with your local u3a.

Life in a u3a

Across the UK, u3a members draw upon their knowledge and experience to teach and learn from each other for pleasure; learning is its own reward.

It's all voluntary; a typical u3a will be home to many activity groups covering hundreds of different subjects - from art to zoology and everything in between.

It’s local, social, friendly, low-cost and open to all. Join a u3a, start learning together and make the most out of life.

  • "I was lucky enough to get my retirement at 60. u3a came and it was just a gift from heaven. I’m encouraging everyone I meet – it is an added value to your life."

    Christina, Croydon u3a

  • "u3a is a good way of making friends, meeting people. And importantly, you know that you’re meeting people with a shared interest."

    David, Dawlish & District u3a

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