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Online video resources

We have a series of online video resources available, you can find these on the 'Running your u3a' Youtube playlist. Alongside the videos, we run Q&A discussions giving you an opportunity to discuss and send your questions relating to the specific subject.

Click a title below to access the video. 

  • Trustee Induction At this time of year when new committee members are being sought and when others are stepping down after long periods of helping to run their u3as we are delighted to be able to support you through our on-line Trustee Induction presentation.
  • Governance The aim of the Governance Q&A Discussion is to help you in your current or prospective Trustee/Committee role. We will be looking at Good Governance and discuss the role of the Trustee, divided into three parts, mandatory, best practice and rules in your u3a. 
  • GDPR The aim of this session is to help you understand GDPR in relation to your current or prospective Trustee/Committee role.
  • Communication bites This video in our Training presentation series, Communications, takes a bite-sized look at how we can use all our communications channels to amplify our messages and raise our profile.
  • Following a series of tutorials, we have video resource available for those u3as looking at hosting large meetings, AGMs, hosting large guest speaker events. It will cover AGM preparations, starting the meeting, running the meeting, and steps to take after the meeting has concluded. You can watch a running virtual AGMs and large meetings video recording over on our Youtube channel.