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  • AGM 2020

    AGM 2020

    The 37th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Third Age Trust will be be held online on 29th September and all U3A members will be welcome to attend.

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  • U3A Activities Advice

    U3A Activities Advice

    Find the latest advice on how U3A activities can resume as new guidelines and rules come from the government. You will be asked to login or register. You simply select a username and password when requested to do this if you do not have one already.

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  • Keep Well

    Keep Well

    Find our latest guidance and advice on coronavirus plus some great ideas to keep learning together - just scroll down.

    Our phone line is still open Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 4.30pm - 020 8466 6139

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  • Keep Learning

    Keep Learning

    There are 1050 local U3As across the United Kingdom with over 444,000 members.

    We have been talking with U3As and many members across the U3A community about the creative ways older adults can use to stay healthy, active and connected with each other during this difficult time.

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  • What is the U3A ethos?

    What is the U3A ethos?

    At its heart, the U3A believe that continuing to learn, develop your interests, make friends and try something new, is a life-long passion.

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  • Keep Joining

    Keep Joining

    Anyone interested in becoming a member of the U3A can either join their local U3A or the Trust U3A which is an online U3A created to accommodate new members wishing to join during this period of social distancing. Find more details click here.

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  • Keep Volunteering

    Keep Volunteering

    Every day thousands of our members volunteer in a great many different roles to keep their U3As running. From joining Committees, running interest groups, setting up venues, recruiting speakers, organising refreshments, managing the finances, delivering workshops, helping to set up new U3As, running joint learning projects and greeting new members our volunteers are there to ensure that things are running smoothly and to plan and that new initiatives can thrive across the movement.

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Latest U3A News

Ideas to Keep Learning - 16

05 Aug 2020

Continuing our series which shares great ideas and the latest ideas and suggestions to help you keep active, keep connected and keep learning. Phil Joiner from Wanstead and Woodford U3A produce a fantastic newsletter which is jam packed with ideas. It’s on the or website so you can have a look and ...

Maths Challenge - Week 17

02 Aug 2020

Welcome to Week 17 of our weekly maths challenge, which is being hosted on our learning pages. On the learning pages you can find the a new set of questions for Week 17 and the answers to the Week 16. Each week the maths challenge provides problems and puzzles posed by Gordon Burgin, Andrew Holt an ...

Bird Watch - an update 6

02 Aug 2020

We were interested to read recently that Artificial Intelligence models have been developed to identify individual birds without tagging which will help to identify the many different species of birds. U3A members have, however, been doing a fantastic job using their own knowledge in recognising the ...

Keeping U3A Members Updated

31 Jul 2020

We are working very hard to keep our members reglarly updated on the latest Government and NHS guidance on Covid-19 pandemic as it relates to U3A. We recently (31 July) issued the revised guidance in a mailing to U3A committees  for dissemination to their members. The latest update highlights ...

Join our discussion group on Amateur Radio

30 Jul 2020

Are you an Amateur Radio enthusiast? Would you like to meet people with the same interest to share experiences and support each other in this area? We will be discussing topics such as how has lockdown affected your engagement as a radio amateur and how U3A could assist members who wish to begin, de ...

U3A Quiz - Week 16

28 Jul 2020

It's Week 16 of our Quiz with a new set of questions - Cryptic Books and the answers to last week's questions - Oscars You can see these and all the quizzes on the Learning Pages. Chris Wright, the Subject Adviser for quizzes has put together weekly quizzes designed to challenge you and get you th ...


Our Tweets

Both during lockdown and now as some U3As begin to meet again, U3A members have been adapting their hobbies and the way that they share them with each other. What's your hobby and how have you adapted it during these times?
Fancy challenging those grey cells this afternoon? Why not try our latest Maths Challenge? u3a.org.uk/component/cont… #Maths
RT @theRSGB: The @U3A_UK organising a Zoom meeting 2-3pm on 13 Aug for U3A members who are also radio amateurs. The discussion will include…
@HillingdonU3 It's so great to hear that you're beginning to meet up again safely!
Are you an Amateur Radio enthusiast? Join us for a discussion on Zoom on 13th August. We'll be discussing topics such as how lockdown has affected your engagement and how U3A could assist members with this hobby, Find out more and book here eventbrite.co.uk/e/discussion-g…