u3a - National Executive Committee

Who are we?

Founded in 1982, u3a* is a UK-wide movement of locally-run interest groups that provide a wide range of opportunities to come together to learn for fun. Members explore new ideas, skills and activities together.

There are 1,057 u3as with over 450,000 members; membership costs less than £20 on average per year and is open to everyone who’s no longer in full-time work.

* University of the Third Age

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of 12 trustees elected from the u3a regions and three officers elected by the whole u3a membership. They are all volunteers and work hard on your behalf to ensure good governance, support inclusion, drive strategy and engender innovation.

Our story

Please read more about how the u3a movement has developed over 38 years to where it is today; what we stand for and our aspirations for the future.

Our principles and vision

See the core principals that guide us and our vision for the future of the u3a movement.
Find out more about the u3a's principles and vision.