u3a - The Secrets of Healthy Ageing

u3a university of the third age royal societyMore than 250 U3A members from across the country attended an exclusive lecture at the Royal Society in London on the secrets of a healthy brain and staying sharp in later life. 

The lecture - given by leading psychiatrist and research fellow, Professor Ian Deary - explored why some people’s brains and thinking skills age better than others. 

Professor Deary leads the Disconnected Mind project which is looking at how and why our thinking skills change with age. The event was held in association with the European Dana Alliance for the Brain – an organisation of hundreds of eminent brain scientist from 33 countries. 

U3A national events coordinator Julie Travers said, “The events are a wonderful opportunity for our members across the UK to further explore topics that interest them and hear from leading experts in their relative fields. Presentations are lively and engaging with stimulating and thought-provoking question and answer sessions. 

“The Royal Society lecture was a very good example of how fortunate we are at the U3A to have some wonderful partners especially in the world of Science and in the Arts.” 

To find out more about our national events programme please contact Julie at the U3A national office on 0208 466 6139.