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u3a cottonopolis building

The Greater Manchester Network (GMN) has been developing a large research project called ‘Cottonopolis’ based on the world’s first industrial city - Manchester– which was known as ‘Cottonopolis’ from 1812

The GMN project hopes to work with the 12 U3As in the network and hopes that it will include some collaboration with the University of Manchester.   It include many areas of research such as transport, music, art, health and craft.

Chairman of Bolton U3A and member Greater Manchester Network Tony Pearson said, “The whole idea began with the Greater Manchester Network seeking to develop a working relationship with the University of Manchester. The University asked us to come up with some study areas in which we had an interest and ‘Cottonopolis’ is the result.

“The phenomenon of Cottonopolis astonished everyone in the 19 Century, and its affect is still rippling outwards today.  We'd like to invite members of U3As in the network to join in local research, with a view to contributing their results towards a larger shared outcome.  To this end, we have a small focus group directing the project and its most immediate target is a Study Day in Central Manchester on Saturday 27 January 2018. The Study Day hopes to help U3As identify topics within the umbrella project where they might be able to contribute. 

 We have produced a short booklet of activity ideas which you can download from: https://cottonopolis.weebly.com/