u3a - Never too late to learn something new

u3a hilda and daisy90 year-old identical twins, Hilda and Daisy Bennison, have joined U3A for the very first time – saying they wanted to keep active.

Born on the 11th March 1927 in North London, Hilda and Daisy have spent their retirement trying amateur operatics; swimming every day and even surfing in Cornwall until they were 75.  But last month they joined Wellingborough & District U3A in Northamptonshire for the range of activities U3A offers.

Daisy said, “We’ve enjoyed being members of U3A.   We found the German group was too advanced, but the Group Leader recommended a book which we are working through by ourselves; we hope to join the next new course when it starts. The Art and Painting group is very good, with some amazing talent.

 “Staying active is important to us.  It’s no good sitting around! We’ve kept busy all our lives”

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