u3a - Putting the NHS in the picture

Causeway U3A member Brian Hennessy has had one of his photographs selected for an exhibition celebrating the National Health Service in Northern Ireland.

The ‘Ripe’ Exhibition, held in the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, was organised to encourage 'older people' to display their artistic skills and interpret the NHS in as creative a way as possible. Brian’s image was one of 60 individual items on display at the exhibition including paintings, sculptures and prints.

Brian's image, Innovation - Central Nervous System, was an attempt to show how modern technology is helping in the diagnoses and treatment of many ailments.

Brian, a member of Causeway U3A camera club, said, “I was delighted and surprised that one of my photographs was selected as less than 10% of the exhibition was devoted to photography.

“Although the exhibition was celebrating the past 70 years of the NHS, I was more interested the next decades and how technology would shape the services it will deliver. The actual image was made up of a series of photographs of street lighting combined into and interesting and attractive abstract final result.

“We live in a very visual world and I believe photography has an enormous role to play in raising awareness of everyday issues”.

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