u3a - Listening to Trust Volunteers

As part of starting in her role, the Trust’s Volunteering Officer, Eleanor Hazlewood conducted a brief survey amongst the Trust Volunteers. The aim was to try to discover what people like about their roles, what, if any, changes they would like to see and what motivates members to volunteer with the Trust.

The survey was sent to 250 volunteers who fulfil the range of roles for the Trust from starting up new U3As to providing subject advice and supporting the implementation of Beacon. Over 100 volunteers responded.

The majority expressed a high level of satisfaction with their roles and the contribution that they make to the U3A Movement. The primary motivation for volunteering was to support other U3As (83%), with a secondary motive of supporting the Third Age Trust (60%).

In addition volunteers said that they hoped to meet new people (20%), learn more about the movement (20%), and put the skills gained in their working lives to good use (40%).

Volunteers said that the support that they would like from National Office includes: more regular communication; a more co-ordinated approach to deploying volunteers; and guidance as to the expectations as to their different roles.

Eleanor commented: ‘I am really pleased to have had such a wonderful response from volunteers. It has given me real insight into the experience of Trust Volunteers and some of the work that I need to do.’