u3a - Keeping the Faith

Milton Keynes U3A has been awarded a grant for the Exploring World Faith group which was set up just over two years ago.

Linda Morris said, “The Milton Keynes Council of Faiths was so impressed that our group existed that last autumn they awarded us £200. They were apparently delighted to hear that local people were interested in finding out about the many faiths represented in Milton Keynes”.

Milton Keynes (MK) has many Churches both ancient and modern, Mosques, Gurdwaras and other places of worship. U3A members now have the opportunity to find out something about the buildings themselves and the people who go there.

Linda added, “We visit a different place of worship each month but from time to time there is no venue to visit such as pagans, humanists, atheists so the grant is being used to enable those talks to take place. During our site visits we ask questions like:

  • Who comes here?
  • Why do they come here?
  • What do they do here?

“Since our first meeting in January 2017 we have met people from many faiths including Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Baha’is and a Druid. Our members come from many faiths. Some are agnostics and some are atheists and all listen carefully to the presentations and ask many questions – even afterwards over refreshments.

“The MK Council of Faiths was keen to encourage us with the grant to continue our exploration of MK faith communities”.