u3a - U3A Table Tennis: Collaboration, Learning, Activity and Fun


This year’s U3A Welsh Open Table Tennis U3A Championships took place in Cardiff with 30 teams from England and Wales participated all day.

A team from Malvern U3A were the overall winner - with teams from Bridgend and Pembroke U3As in second and third places respectively.

The day showcases the great qualities of being part of the U3A movement– collaboration, learning, staying active and having fun.

Philip Avery, a volunteer with Table Tennis Wales - which organised the competition on behalf of U3A – said, “For us the taking part and enjoyment is more important than winning or losing - and we structure the competition so that those who win and those who lose play precisely the same number of matches during the day.

“The system ensures that players soon find their own levels and exciting and enjoyable matches are the result. A special thanks especially goes to those who travelled a long way to enjoy good company and a fun day of table tennis”

Thanks go to the participating U3As:


For further details about taking part in next year’s competition please contact Philip Avery