u3a - First U3A Robot Constructor’s Challenge

Photo of Robot

Cannock Chase U3A in Staffordshire has organised the first U3A Robot Constructors Challenge event day to bring interested teams together from across the country. 

U3A Teams from as far as places including Devon, London, Grantham, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Lancaster and the hall became bedecked with laptops, displays, WiFi routers and technical equipment.

Barry James Cannock Chase U3A said, “The variation and ingenuity of the robot constructions and their adaptations were amazing and was a credit to U3A member abilities and team efforts beforehand and on the day.

"Amongst the challenges for the day were a Crazy Golf Course, The Egg and Spoon Race, The Maze, Follow the White Line and Skittle Alley. It was great fun to witness, and all seemed to enjoy the day.

"There were winners for the six challenges, and the overall day winner was Paul Taylor of Grantham U3A with Grobot Isaac. 

"Congratulations to all the winners of course, but we would like to thank all those who came to compete for all their hard work and travelling so far. We were proud of you all”.