u3a - PM Presenter at U3A Study Day

Evan Davis BBC Radio 4 Programmer

Evan Davis, BBC Radio 4 Programmer, gave a talk at a study day hosted by the Surrey Network of U3As. 

The parents of Evan Davis, who is best known as lead presenter of news and current affairs programme PM, are U3A members. It was due to this connection that organisers of the Surrey Network meetings, which are held once a month, were able to secure Davis as a speaker. 

Evan’s two talks, ‘Public Discourse in the Modern Age’ and ‘It’s Not the Economy Stupid!’ discussed the nature of public debate and social commentary in modern Britain.

Ian Funnel, an attendee of the study day, said, “From the start it was an interactive occasion with Evan asking for audience opinion on a variety of matters. He was, as you might expect, remarkably on top of the facts and able to answer every question that was posed”.