u3a - u3a to run online event on National Kindertransport Day

Escaping the past - embracing the present 

Another train journey for some – but others would never see their parents again. Those that did return, had become strangers. 

These are the stories from a vanishing generation. But not a diminishing generation - their legacy lives on.

These are the children of Kindertransport - some 10,000 German and Austrian mainly Jewish children who travelled to Britain to escape Nazism before the start of the second world war. 

Their lives, and those around them, changed for ever. 

Some will be taking part in a special u3a online event on National Kindertransport Day – 2 December – 82 years after the first train. 

A presentation and interviews will hear their stories and the contributions that generation has made. 

One of the Kindertransport children wrote in his diary, “Although I could not have known it at the time, my arrival in the UK was the start of my life as an outsider, a state of affairs which was to prove irreversible for the rest of my life.” His wife, Una Cary, has submitted his recollections as part of the project. 

For Towcester u3a member Norman Freund though, “The Kindertransport was just another train journey on my own, even if it was to another country.” 

He continued, “It was not as traumatic for me as for the great majority of the other children on the train”. 

The presentation will be hosted by Steve Williams, a Holocaust Education advisor at the Centre for German Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex. He is a member of Arun East u3a. 

Interviews will be conducted by author, broadcaster and u3a columnist Dame Esther Rantzen. 

Note to Editors: 

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u3a’s event for National Kindertransport Day with Dame Esther Rantzen will take place on 2 December between 10.30-3pm and a small amount of tickets are available for non-u3a members.  

Interviews, including with Dame Esther Rantzen, available on request. 

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