1. Document Control

2. Introduction

2.1. Purpose

To offer advice to u3as for hosting a legitimate AGM and managing AGM actions where the option to host virtual or hybrid meetings and proxy voting options are still desireable.

2.2. Scope

Relevant to all U3As.

2.3. Related documentation

3. COVID-19 restrictions


From 19 July the government has removed restrictions on the number of people who can gather indoors and outdoors in England but has provided guidance on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of Coronavirus, including rules on self-isolation.

4. Charity Commission advice Holding meetings online or by telephone post Covid restrictions 02/11/2021

It should now be possible for charities to gradually move back to face-to-face meetings and hold any outstanding AGMs or other meetings. However, coronavirus continues to have an impact on charity events and trustees may still need to consider how and if they can hold meetings.

Holding meetings online or by telephone

Trustees should check if their charity’s governing document allows them to hold meetings online, by telephone or on a hybrid basis (with some people meeting face to face and others joining virtually).

If your governing document does not allow online telephone or hybrid meetings you should consider if you can use any power (usually in your governing document) to amend the rules to allow these types of meetings. You should update the governing document and approve any previous decisions as soon as possible.

See further, more detailed, guidance on alterations to governing documents for unincorporated charities and charitable companies and governing document guidance for CIOs.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for the charity sector - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)