u3a - Hybrid Groups

What is meant by “hybrid model”

At its simplest, in the context of U3A groups and activities, hybrid model is shorthand for combining two or more ways of members meeting together. Moving to a hybrid model means might entail moving beyond binary options of face-to-face gatherings or electronic meetings, to looking at how these might be combined so that some people might be meeting in the same physical space while others are joining in the same meeting or activity using electronic devices and/or telephones.
In some situations, a hybrid approach might be as simple as a small group meeting with a laptop in the corner with others joining in the discussion/activity electronically. In other situations, it might be something similar to a webcast with a live presentation being simultaneously streamed through Zoom, YouTube, or other means and possibly being recorded for later consumption. Other options may apply to outdoor activities, music making, drama, sport, etc., etc. The options will be determined by a number of factors including nature of activity, technical know-how of participants, willingness to experiment, etc. - and some activities are more challenging than others.

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