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Please stay safe and vigilant as fraudsters increase their activity in times of uncertainty and confusion. If in doubt don’t pay it and check with your fellow members. This may be helpful: www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk

We will soon be publishing more guidance on how the banks can help us all through the coming months. We will also have details of a one to one video link where members can ask questions directly to the bank. In the meantime here are some answers to questions we are responding to:

Current Common Questions from U3As

If ​the U3A has booked an event and charged members for a ticket and the U3A then cancels that event, – who pays ​for the member ticket? How do they get their money back?

The U3A should refund the cost that the member has paid

Holiday refunds – can U3As ask for a full refund from the travel agency?

It will depend on the contact. Your first action should be to speak with the holiday company. Many holiday companies are cancelling trips themselves and in this instance they are likely to issue a refund. ​

Should U3As pay for meetings and events etc scheduled for e.g. September?

Be careful about booking future commitments as the current restrictions may well be extended. It is advisable to wait until there is clearer government advice.

Do U3As need to repay U3A day grants and other grants?

No, hold onto them until the event is rescheduled and use the grant then.

What about expenditure for U3A day – any possibility of a refund? 

Unless a venue refunds the U3A or a supplier agrees, then the U3A will have to stand the cost, but do consider ​asking the venue or supplier if they would transfer the cost to a rearranged later date if a refund isn’t available.