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Mill Hill U3A has started a collective and uplifting poetry exchange.
Members are asked to send a poem to the person whose name is in position 1 on the list of 2 names sent in the email text with the email subject Poem Exchange. It could be a favourite text/verse/meditation that has affected you in difficult times. Or perhaps a poem in another language with a translation.

After the member has sent the short poem/verse/quote/etc to the person in position 1 in the list given, and only that person, they then copy the email text into a new email and put the email address of the person they have received it from into position 1, and their own email address in position 2. Then send it to 20ish friends BCC (blind copy). Please make sure you have permission for sending anything or write your own poetry to avoid copyright issues. 

Newcastle U3A has continued their online learning initiative on their website and also added a section on wellbeing which is just as important in the current climate. It had nearly 122 visits in just over 2 weeks. 

Crowborough U3A have been keeping their activities going during lockdown through alternative means. Some of these are listed here: Research, reading and discussion plus sharing their results by email. Live streaming from theatres etc. around the world, then share reviews. Keep Fit exercises, from TV and You Tube. Weekly 30 minute French conversations. Photography competition. Poetry swops. Playing and Singing together on Zoom (Ukulele). Online Jazz. Old movies. Quizzes. Book reviews. Virtual tours of Museums and Art Galleries. Swopping fun videos and jokes. 10 minute talks on Zoom. Researching future historical walks. Showing craft assignments by photo. Q and A sessions. Current affairs discussions by email. Plans for future group outings discussed. Online genealogy research. TV Drawing programmes.

The Friday garden group at Crowborough U3A has managed a horticultural exchange. Members with excess seedlings, homemade compost or plant divisions have left them in front gardens to be collected by other members on request. 

The Crowborough Woodwork Group has also been sharing their achievements by what’s app - a set of steps for exercise, a box and a stool, a child’s swing, a hammock support and a planter (modified from a pallet).