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Two of our learning initiatives, Made it Make it and Winter Watch, have had u3a members embracing the festive season.

Our craft challenge, Made it Make it, has had a festive makeover. u3a members are now submitting the things they’ve been making for the holidays. 

news dimensions christmas tree decorations news photoshop made it make itnews nativity

Credit: Chris - Pershore & District u3a, Andrea - Newark u3a, Georgette - Wymondham u3a

You can see more on our learning pages.

It’s not just the crafters who have been embracing the season either. Winter Watch is our new image gallery, encouraging members to share photos or artwork of their wintery views and experiences, both current and past. 

chris limebrook u3anews story winterwatchnews story winter watch 

Credit: Chris -Limebrook u3a, Bill - Ashbourne u3a, Graham - Belper & District u3a

There's more like this on our Winter Watch gallery.

Have you been making anything festive or taking any great photos? Please share them with us on our learning pages.

If you're not a u3a member, please join us.