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 Monday 30th March

I thought I’d write about technology and how we are using it at the moment. Well, I’m writing this on an iPad on the sofa for a start and, yesterday, Other Half and I had afternoon tea with our walking friends who live forty minutes’ drive away, and a curry with our seven person quiz team. Nothing illegal, of course.

At 3pm, we took our tea and homemade flapjacks into the sitting room and set up Messenger on his iPad and our friends, G and N, did the same in their conservatory et voila!

Later on, our quiz team met for supper on Zoom. There were four locations- three couples and a friend who lives alone. Our local Indian restaurant is closed but doing deliveries. We all ordered our meals the day before and they delivered at 6pm. We plated them up and logged into the Zoom meeting at quarter past and there we all were. Two households are self-isolating, so we have only phoned or waved when passing their houses on our exercise outings. Everyone enjoyed getting together for a meal and a chat. Meetings can last up to forty minutes which is a decent length of time

Cath, Derbyshire

Tuesday 31st March

My Wife and I are walkers and so try to manage one 45 minute walk per day around the town and local area. It is heartening to report that it is the case that the vast majority of other walkers do observe the suggested social distancing rules. More over when someone either waits for you to pass or you cross over to avoid some walking towards you there now usually a brief “How are you doing?” exchange……whereas in the past most people seemed to walk passed you with their eyes down to avoid speaking.

Two of our neighbours have already volunteered to do any shopping we might need given that I have recently had surgery, but we are managing independently but grateful for the concern shown.

Perhaps the biggest emotional hurdle we have come across is not being able to physically see and interaction with our Grandchildren. We have two aged 9 years and an 8-month-old and the safest way to stay in touch is to FaceTime them every 2 or 3 days. As my Wife says though it’s not the same as being able to give them a cuddle and be able to witness first steps etc.

Dave, Cheshire

Tuesday 31st March

I miss the hairdresser – my head is a thatch. I miss the chiropodist as my feet hurt so much. We saw the dental receptionist on a walk last week and she said make sure we don’t need any dental treatment for the time being. All they can do is hand out prescriptions for pain killers and antibiotics.

I can talk to friends. I have a list of 20 friends to phone and so try and make two calls a day. It’s not the same as having coffee with them. I email friends and am on three WhatsApp groups.

We are eating well. I can make meals that take time to cook because I am in all day. I am trying not to drink alcohol every day.

People ask how I am coping. Me, the extrovert who needs people and activity. But I am actually coping quite well, so long as I don’t look into the future. I am so enjoying writing up my diary, and look forward to reading it in future years.

Margaret, County Durham

 Wednesday 1st April

Things that have made me smile:

1. A conversation with a neighbour through her window. My Mum would have been horrified about the apparent rudeness of shouting at someone – but it was lovely to talk to her, face to face. How things have changed.

2. A news item about wild goats from the Great Orme, N Wales now wandering round Llandudno – eating plants and bushes! Amazing.

I decided to list the positives about this current situation:

  • More communication with family and friends – not by email but by phone or skype.
  • Getting better at using technology and enjoying the benefits
  • Spending less money – most of the shops are closed.
  • Running the car less and enjoying walks most days
  • Seeing the nicer side of most people – hearing the lengths people are going to, to help neighbours and friends
  • Having time to appreciate small things in life.

Hilary, Flintshire


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