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l13TH – 19TH APRIL

 Wednesday 15th April

It was rubbish collection day and I had put out my rubbish and recycling the night before as usual. This week I attached a large thank you note expressing my gratitude. I hope I do not take any of our public service workers for granted ever again.


Jeannie, Berkshire

Saturday April 18th

Something very nice happened on my daily walk with my Scottie which is the highlight of every day. We were on the way home and taking the usual short cut through from the main road to a cul-de-sac when I noticed a box on the wall of the house beside the footpath. The box contained a selection of books and passers-by were invited to help themselves so I returned home with books by Bill Bryson and Alan Bennett which will entertain my partner and me for some time to come! That was such a nice thing to happen and I have made a card to put through the letterbox of the owners to thank them.

Val, Cheshire

Sunday 19th April

week on BBC Radio 4/Women’s Hour which l enjoy listening to, Jenny Murray challenged  listeners to write a Haiku. Something stirred inside my head. Many years ago, if my memory serves me well, as part of my English ‘O’level  curriculum a poetry form called Haiku was briefly discussed, that was some 52 years ago, in addition my stepmother in-law gave me a book of poetry for my 35th birthday with Haiku poetry in. These are all vague associations

I was prompted to take up the challenge then and there. I am no Bard but under the current circumstances a new challenge was just what my brain cells needed as boredom was settling in.
I sat down at my dining table,  pen in hand and scribbled away on the back of the letter received from the PM to each household. I tried to follow the construct of 5-7-5 syllable count. What did that mean, anyone here is what l came up with.

1.   Every persons pain
      Bubbles like burning lava
      Volcanoes remain

2.  All around peaceful
     Is this feeling loneliness ?
     Bright bird song rings out

3.  Covid multiplier
      There is no control
      Our safe life withers

Jacqueline, London

Sunday 19th April

It has been a week in which a 99year old, Captain Tom, won hearts around the world. A war veteran, who has overcome cancer and a hip replacement, started walking, with a walking aid, around his garden. The initial aim was to raise £1,000 for the NHS by completing 100 laps before his birthday on 30th April. Social media, the main newsrooms and daily papers took up the story and filmed him. The money, from at least 53 countries around the world, came rolling in. Captain Tom said, as long as the money kept coming in, he would keep walking. The total, last time I saw the story, is over £19 million.

A huge scientific question about the wide variation of symptoms of C-19 is being looked at by researchers. Scientists, looking at our DNA, are looking at the genes of our immune response, to see if they can find those at most risk and help develop a vaccine. Some environmental positives are beginning to happen- air pollution is dropping in cities as traffic declines. The trend of working from home part-time, was possible for some before the pandemic. Maybe this will become the new ‘norm’ for the future.

My neighbours, who having being doing my shopping, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary On Saturday. I had ordered some flowers online and they were delivered. My older daughter and husband celebrated their 12th anniversary today (Sunday) and had flowers delivered as I have no idea when I will see them.

After a few weeks of trying to remember to do some daily keep fit exercises, I have changed now to try and get as much pleasure I can daily. My daily cooking is increasing and is my short gardening sessions. Listening to birdsong is so lovely and now that traffic and other noises have decreased, I’m able to hear it better. We are being given daily free theatre, opera, musical, music and other streaming events. I’m trying to be as grateful as I can for all these things.

Val, Wales


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