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Tuesday 28th April  

So how to adjust to the “NEW NOW”. Well rule one is to have a plan every day. I looked at what I have to do the other day at 0615 when I got up and realised that the only important thing to do that day was to go to bed at 2300. Everything else apart from a few bodily functions was entirely unsupervised, unnecessary, unscheduled. And I sipped my coffee and thought “HOW MARVELLOUS” 

I have decided it is time to “hunt silver linings”.   It is the small task of transcribing 96 letters sent by a Great Uncle from 1915. 

Well at 73 life was bound to change permanently soon and I have no ambition to be like Warren Buffet and be full time working.  

Therefore, adjust for what I planned to do at 80, why not begin at 72 and 9 months? 

Richard, Hertfordshire 

Tuesday 28th April

A half-sad, half-wonderful moment was at 11:00 on Tuesday 28th April, when people all over the country stopped and were silent for one minute, in honour of the 100+ NHS and Key workers who have died of Covid-19 whilst working to keep the rest of us healthy, safe and well fed. Sadly, I had not picked up on the plans for this, in advance, and so I didn’t take part. That’s the penalty of switching off, literally and metaphorically, when the news is of the pandemic and nothing else.

Laura, Essex

 Wednesday 29th April 

I had dinner with a friend last week! I got all dressed up, put a tablecloth on the table and a candle and a glass of wine and we timed our dinners to be at the same time and had our iPads ready with FaceTime. It was such fun! I’ve forgotten how one has a different conversation over food. Lovely to go out to restaurants. But this was almost like it. He wore a bow tie but unfortunately on top of a sort of lumberjack shirt. And a peaked cap! Someone was not taking this seriously   

I had an order from Ocado yesterday. I had also ordered for my neighbours. It’s nice to be able to do things for other people as everything is being done for me. The silly thing is, if one is shielded like me, to get a weekly delivery you have to put on the government website that you haven’t got access to food. The supermarket then gives you a weekly slot but every week you also get a large box of goodies delivered to your front door by – I don’t know, the government or the council. Which is overkill and I don’t want free food when I can afford to buy it. And when anyway I have now got a supermarket delivery! I managed to get the box of goodies sent to a food bank who are desperately in need.  

I reluctantly joined WhatsApp because my street has one and it’s ever so useful for help. (and there is a chef in the street whose restaurant is of course closed, who cooks for the NHS but any spare goes to people like me and it can be yummy!) but the trouble is, other people contact me that way as well as texting. And emails. Too much technology. Good to learn things but I’d rather be walking among greenery. I have sparrows now in my garden.  

Out of the bedroom window I hear children’s voices. S, who lives a few doors down - and I have only known him since lockdown and since I discovered WhatsApp and the street’s WhatsApp - is passing with his 2 small children. Another man runs on the opposite side with a small child. I am noticing that there are far more men around with children than before lockdown. I will be interested to see how families change their behaviour. It’s like there could be a huge social experiment and I wonder if it is being done?   

I have just downloaded a Covid Symptom Tracker which you fill in daily but the main thing I think, is it tracks who is near you who has Covid-19 and invites you to get tested. I found it through the U3A newsletter which said it was lacking people of our age. Such a struggle to fill in the password. The site refused to go sideways on the phone so I couldn’t see what I was doing! I still struggle with technology.                                                         

Marian, London 

Thursday 30th April 

Another few sessions of Ancient Greece completed this morning; also got supper ready in the slow cooker, and did some tidying up. Then discovered Sarah had nominated me on Facebook, to do a week of books, so had a wander round the shelves: took a while to get the selection down to seven, but now have them photographed, and posted the first.

It’s now mid-afternoon, don’t feel like doing any more Ancient Greece for the moment, so trying to figure out what I do want to do. This lockdown is getting too, too much.

Susannah, Yorkshire

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