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4TH – 10TH MAY 

Monday 4th May  

I am feeling very righteous, I have just done a job that one has to be so bored, lockdown for the COVID-19 is just a perfect catalyst, I have cleaned my oven.  This event is so rare that the Olympic sports take place more often. I have to admit to not really scrubbing into the furthest corners but I can at least see through my glass doors now. There has to be something good to say about Coronavirus. 

Judi, Andover 

Tuesday 5th May 

Felt rather restless myself last week but today feeling a bit more optimistic. Yesterday had a Zoom birthday session for a friend together with three other people who I hadn’t seen for ages. It was good to see them again, albeit on screen. One of them asked what we would most like to do if we were free tomorrow, thinking about it today I would say going for a long walk without checking out who is walking near me and having to walk in the road or change my direction. I like to go into my own little world when I walk and that is just not possible now.  

Going to try making my own mask [again] later; the one I made is not up to scratch so I will have another go, with A’s help. She is very good like that; she helped me change a guitar string and knows nothing about guitars. Some people just have a knack of working out how things are put together, don’t they – I don’t. But I am talented in other ways so I don’t mind; you can’t be good at everything can you! 

Valerie, London 

Tuesday 5th May 

I have now completed the inventory of 43 old books that I have around the house.   I have sorted them into those with name plates or messages inside, year and name of publisher.   This has been fascinating work finding so many books that belonged to my or my late husband’s parents.  The oldest book was published in 1826 and belonged to my great grandfather.   I discovered interesting enclosures including pressed flowers, old photographs, decorated doyley and even pages of work by D on learning Gaelic.  I have sent a copy of the list to A and T as think it is important that they know what books I have and possibly their value.   

Gill, Rugby 

Thursday 7th May 2020 

Preparing for VE day tomorrow. Everyone along our road has Union Jack bunting tied to their property except us. I phoned an elderly friend in the next village who has had a stroke, and she was distressed because all three of her carers had taken a day off today, and she didn't have any flags to display in her window. My granddaughter offered to draw a Union Jack for her, and we asked a friend to post it through her letterbox. She was absolutely delighted. My granddaughter then produced another one for us to tie on our gatepost. 

Dianne, Devon 

Friday 8th May 

The highlight of the week (so termed by one of the neighbours) is when we all get together (socially distancing of course) and clap for the NHS on Thursday nights. Except we don't just clap – we make as much noise as possible! With hooters, a bongo drum, pan lids; metal watering can being battered with a big stick, frying pan and wooden spoon, plus honking a car horn. Afterwards we all socially distance in the middle of the road and have a brief chat, before disappearing behind our front doors for another week. 

Last night the church held a quiz night – on Zoom. It's been quite amazing how many delivery services have sprung up during lockdown. People are so innovative. Apart from butchers, green grocers, a bakery and 2 garden centres, one tea shop, unable to open, is delivering afternoon teas. Spectacular they are too – my daughter had one delivered to me recently. Here, in the village, a guest house is offering to deliver Sunday lunches. I've opted for one tomorrow.  

Alexandra, North Wales 

Friday 8th May

A neighbour suggested we do something in the street – only 11 houses – for VE Day, so I distributed invitations and most of us emerged and engaged. Decorations both bought and home-made. There had been bunting panic-buying in the manner of the toilet roll and pasta bonanza, so I had printed a template for my slinging-in-front-of-the-house effort and my partner had attached red serviettes, white paper plates and blue serviettes to a piece of string which was then draped artfully over my picket fence. 11.00 am: 2-minute silence on doorsteps; 3.00 pm: national toast to our WWII heroes; 6.00 pm: toast to our neighbours; 9.00 pm: driveway singing of ‘We’ll Meet Again’. This timeline was interspersed with drinking, eating and chatting on our drives. A very convivial yet moving day, although my partner and I were the only ones still sitting on our fold-up chairs at 7.30 pm eating chickpea stew – the others came in and out, consuming their supper within.

Pam, Nottinghamshire

Friday 8th May

Friday evening is now J's regular Virtual Pub and we were joined again by a variety of friends, some of whom had not attended before. I think it has proved beneficial to a few people we know who are a little bit lonely and there is no pressure to attend every week, or even for the whole evening. People dip in and out as they like. After the “Pub” I watched the latest Box Set I have discovered on TV. It is a French Crime Drama. I enjoy watching the foreign TV series and films with sub-titles as it helps me to learn the language and it’s a relatively painless way of doing so.

Saturday 9th May.

I was very pleased with the electric bike. Whilst I am worried that over reliance on this instead of my push bike, will result in less overall fitness, it actually means that we can go further and I just have assistance on hills. The rest of the time I pedal as usual.

Pam, Essex

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