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11TH – 17TH May

Monday 11th May

Chatted to two elderly friends today, both in poor health. One, in particular seemed very depressed so I suggested she keep a wish jar explaining how she could write down small things she could achieve or look forward to once lockdown was lifted. Tom heard from his boat building pal about a boat which they may be asked to build once their business gets up and running. Everything is on hold for him at present, until the powers that be, decide he can reopen his boat shed. A ride to Haying where we got blown along the front. We were very surprised to see a ‘Tea Shack’ open selling hot drinks. We weren’t brave enough to buy a drink – anyway we had no money with us; we have got so used to going out without purse or wallet. Hand sanitizer, tissues and keys are about our limit. Usually, this time of year the beach is packed but today it was deserted. Couldn’t face bumbling Boris tonight. The only positive thing for us in his ‘road map’ out of lockdown, is that we will be able to see family members again – one at a time.

Denise, Hampshire

Thursday 14th May

Each morning at breakfast we discuss what we are going to do during the day and make a list. One of the first things is to add to the shopping list any items we are running short of. We also look at what`s on TV after 6.00pm. We started off the lockdown looking at news bulletins at other times of the day but quickly realised that the news was so repetitive we stopped doing that.

The most difficult part of all this has been managing shopping and having the right ingredients to cook meals that we like when we like. No more popping up the road to the supermarket for that missing ingredient. There have been a few compromises on recipes. We have not visited any shops during the lockdown. At the start we were very lucky to have been approached by a lady from the local resident’s association, who pushed a note through the door offering to help. We are classed as vulnerable and take lockdown seriously, so we decided to pursue this kind offer.

Colin, Northhamptonshire

Saturday 16th May

The past two weeks have been structured by routine lockdown events: each weekday has featured a meet using social media (eg FaceTime, Zoom, Whatsapp).  On the whole, I prefer those with a purpose, such as helping young relatives with their music practice, having my own recorder lesson or an easy musical get-together, as there’s a structure to and focal point other than chatting.  I gather that many people are playing quizzes, which again is a good idea: so often out of lockdown people have social contact through mutual interests rather than meeting up just for a chat. 

This afternoon I joined in with an hour’s ukulele playing live on Facebook organised by the local community music and arts centre:  like others who joined via Facebook (I couldn’t use the Zoom option for some reason), I couldn’t been seen by the organisers who performed the songs, but was able to play along as I’d downloaded the session music from their website beforehand (&, like other people, I fed back to them on the Facebook page to say that I’d enjoyed the session).  I was very happy to make a donation via BACS – both the music made available for download and the session itself are very professional and good fun. 

At the start of the week I had a few days’ break from walking up the ridge:  I suspect the cooler, duller weather had something to do with my reluctance to go up it, combined with my wanting to focus on jobs at home (which probably would have got done even had I gone for my walks).  I went up today, retracing the steps I’d taken a couple of days ago, as I lost a well-loved and oft-worn scarf.  Alas, I didn’t find it.  I did, however, notice pieces of litter, unusual for this area.  Dotted about were a tin can, sweet wrappers, a pack of chewing gum, to name but 3, presumably from the past few days.  This morning, there were more people there than usual and the car park no longer empty, lockdown restrictions having recently been eased.  I sensed a subtle feeling of celebration in the air (or maybe this was in the imagination).  As long as people follow current advice and keep their distance (and pick up their litter), it’s good to see more folk having fresh air and exercise: I will, however be forever thankful to have walked up and down the ridge for the past few weeks when the car park has been closed and access has only been by foot: it’s been a privilege to be there. 

Zilly, West Yorkshire

Sunday 17th May 

Would have been my mother-in-law’s birthday today, always think of her. Watched Sunday worship and later on Songs of Praise. Lovely weather sat in garden with lunch. Rang relatives for good catch up. Can’t wait to see my younger sister who haven’t seen for eight weeks, maybe this week in park but still observing the rules. Also returning to leisure centre as have put on weight. Look forward to speaker tomorrow on Zoom. 

Margarita, London

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