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15th – 21st June

Monday 15th & Wednesday 17th June 


Things that I like about lockdown:

  • Dressing comfortably, items not necessarily matching, the same every day, not having to think about how others will see me.
  • I’ve given up blow-drying my hair. It only takes 5 minutes but I hate doing it and it makes my arm ache. I’m getting used to how my hair looks when it falls naturally and it’s ok.
  • Taking a bath at odd times of the day to enjoy the soak and relaxation. (I’m very worried about one day downsizing to life on one floor in an apartment because they all have shower rooms these days and I adore a bath – better enjoy it while I can).
  • There’s time to remember to water the houseplants. I don’t have many but in normal times I forget to water them and they frequently die. It’s quite satisfying to look after them properly.
  • Time to propagate a house plant so there will be one to gift my daughter at Christmas and time to plant the seeds from a Sainsbury’s cherry tomato. I would normally grab some tomato plants at the garden centre, too late in the season, and plant them straight outside in a hurry.
  • Time to make a real pesto sauce using the pestle and mortar that I didn’t chuck out ‘just in case’ and a real guacamole. I would never do this normally but they were so delicious and I enjoyed them so much.

There’s never time to do that in my normal life.  


I’m having a ‘can’t get on with anything’ day today. I’m getting used to them though, they happen every few weeks. I feel tired and lethargic and don’t feel like doing anything. At first I wondered if I was starting to get ill with something (can’t be Covid – I haven’t been out) but some friends and I have compared notes and they get ‘down’ days unaccountably too. I’ve decided that it must be something to do with lockdown but that there’s no point in trying to work out an explanation. It’s better just to allow myself to be lazy, give up thinking I’ll do something useful in a minute, eat drink and wait for tomorrow when I will doubtless be back to my old self. No need to worry or feel guilty about not crossing jobs off the list, it’s just part of the experience. 

Ros, Hertfordshire

Tuesday 16th June 

My dentist had rung me yesterday to offer me an appointment for a check-up as it was cancelled at the start of lockdown.  They had only just re-opened the practice and were prioritising their older patients. I was very pleased to take advantage of this as I had a slight concern about one of my teeth. The precautions they had to take were unbelievable! I had to have my temperature taken on the doorstep and confirm that I didn't have coronavirus and then it was all face masks, sanitisers, goggles, handwashing, being escorted to the treatment room, and yet more sanitisers and handwashing. After all that my teeth were pronounced sound and healthy!

Jeannie, Berkshire

Tuesday 16th June

My second medical appointment since lockdown today – this time the chiropodist. Another knock and wait affair and entry by the side door this time. On entering I put on a mask, which was provided, and took a seat in the waiting area. L. greeted me and indicated the couch. She was wearing: a mob cap, (thank goodness, she said as my hair is rubbish), an apron, a mask, a shield and the famous blue latex gloves. There was a plastic screen between us. When I asked if I could speak to her she assured me it was okay as there were three layers of protection between us. We had a good old muffled moan about how the government how has dealt with lockdown the quick release and the shortage of PPE. I asked if she had experienced any problems getting supplies. She told me she was okay and the double order of gloves, made in error, before Covid 19 and lockdown, had come in handy. The price for my treatment has gone up to cover her costs but I consider it money well spent. After all these weeks of walking my feet were in sore need of attention. A jaunt this afternoon, to try out my newly manicured and pampered tootsies. We found a favourite spot, – a quiet bench with a gorgeous view overlooking the harbour, sipped our tea and nibbled digestives.

Denise, Hampshire

Saturday 20th June 

Realised I have now missed two haircuts but surprisingly to me everyone looks quite good and not half as straggly as I would have imagined!

Today was the celebration for J’s 60th

We managed a socially distanced family gathering in the garden with fish, chips, and champagne!

His family bought him a “crowdie”!! Football is back but no spectators so you can be a cardboard cut-out sitting in the stadium. He will be with his brother, but the J’s picture shows him wearing a suit!!

Stella, Suffolk

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