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29th June – 5th July

Friday 3rd July

By this time the lockdown seems well on the way to being over. I plan to have less of a social life and do not particularly want to go into shops and restaurants which are well on the way to being opened. I am finding that I do not hear from friends as much by phone as people seem to be picking up the threads of their lives. I have now started to meet certain friends regularly in a garden and fortunately the weather allows us to do that. There have been no coffee shop meetings as yet as several of my friends are very nervous of going into public places.

Carol, Norfolk

Friday 3rd July

Today our church opened for the first time in several months – but only for private prayer, with seats spread out at a suitable distance.  This morning we had just 6 people (plus a dog) during the two hours we were open – never more than three there at a time as it happened.

On the way home I bought a birthday card for the one member of our U3A writing group who isn’t on email; she will be 86 soon.  I’ve asked the group to email their messages to me which I will print and put in the card when I mail it.

Christine, Sussex

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