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6th – 12th July

Monday 6th July

I enjoyed my socially distant visit from my daughter very much. She is going back to work tomorrow at the Trust where they have many assisted living clients who are in their own flats but can request any sort of personal or other care from the staff. 

The weather has suddenly gone much colder, and the rain continues to make July miserable. Some of my male squash plant flowers have finally bloomed, but now none of my female flowers are open to be fertilised. The squash harvest is being compromised.

The paddling pool I bought for the dog has filled to the brim with rain, and the dog is using it as a giant drinking bowl.

Polly, Scotland

Monday 6th July

I have had a haircut!  The four ‘boho’ headbands that, out of desperation, I found on Amazon when things got really out of hand and the mirror wasn’t my friend, can now be put away, hopefully, never to be needed again.

I went locally to a new salon. I thought about this very carefully. Since stopping work three years ago, I had continued to travel on the underground to visit the hairdresser close to where I used to work. We had a lovely relationship. My stylist and his family even stayed for two years running in the oversees apartment I own. I had a special ‘mate’s rate’ every time I went for a wash, cut and blow dry. I could meet a former work colleague for lunch, and browse around the shops afterwards. It was a lovely day out that I looked forward to every eight weeks. With lockdown lifting, and the tantalising prospect of a haircut after July 4th on the horizon, I faced a dilemma. Was I prepared to commute on the London underground at this shaky stage of relaxation of the rules,  just to get my hair cut? 

The levels of guilt about being a disloyal client to my regular salon, coupled with the fear and uncertainty of travel that this dilemma caused, cannot be over-exaggerated. In the scheme of things these last four months, longing for a haircut was trivial, but I needed to feel like me again, and have something to look forward too. I spent many an hour scouring local salon websites, looking at cuts and styles, scrutinising reviews and crossing fingers that they were genuine, before finally biting the bullet and booking online.

It was a weird experience on the day. Masks and visors - no offer of tea or coffee, nothing to read.  Not allowed to touch anything.  No familiar gossip. Limited chit chat. But boy, was it worth it

Jill, London

Thursday 9th July

Since starting out so many things have changed and the new normal is beginning to creep into my life. I am very worried about the future and regret the loss of so many things I used to enjoy and doubt I will be able to do all of them again. But I still have my health and can get about. I still have my family and friends. I hate this damn virus for robbing me of a summer of my life, and it may still have some nasty surprises. But I am still here to learn, laugh and live - and love.

Stella, Leicestershire 

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