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13th - 19th July

Sunday 19th July

In the third week of July obesity became a hot topic in the media in relation to Covid19. Having struggled with weight gain over my later years, I realised that being housebound would be dangerous for me in this respect. I decided immediately to give up biscuits, and this led me to better food choices in general. Also, not doing my own shopping made me stick to a basic healthy list since I didn’t want to impose too much on my volunteer shoppers.

At the end of this period I have lost about two stone in weight and feel better than in a long while.

They say that six weeks is enough to break a habit. I find that I have conquered my snacking habit, due largely to not having the bad stuff in the house!

To end on a light note, my 4 month hair experiment, not shampooing but using baby powder and brushing, has left my hair looking good, feeling great, and smelling sweet!

Bel, Staffordshire

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