u3a - u3a

Ode to a virus

Our worries come in many forms (but usually it’s the kids).
This time a nasty virus has placed us on the skids.
At first we thought the media had hyped it way up high,
but sadly this was not the case. Their words were not a lie.

The lockdowns have been difficult for most of us, it’s true,
but (mostly ‘cos we’re British), our grit comes shining through.
And ‘though the worry stays up high, and ‘though we wish it gone,
still members of our u3as will not be woe-begone.

We’ll garden ‘til our thumbs turn green, and wild birds are our friends.
We’ll walk the paths around our homes, cross bridges and round bends.
We bake and cook and sew and knit, learn languages, and write.
This strange, demanding period will serve us well, despite.

These sparky, plucky, Bulldog Brits will not give up their friends.
Nor will they cease their favourite stuff. Their lifestyles they defend.
With grace and smiles, and cups of tea, and Zoom, and endless cheer,
Corona Virus will be beat and banished, have no fear.