u3a - Update from Chair of Anniversary Working Group Michaela

In 2022, u3a will be celebrating its 40th anniversary and on u3a Day 2022, all u3as will be encouraged to celebrate the national anniversary in their own inimitable fashion. In addition, we hope they’ll all promote the anniversary through their own local events. So we expect to see some exciting events taking place, outstripping the successful events which took place on u3a Day 2021.

The Anniversary Working Group is currently planning four potential national events:

• A competition has been launched for members to create blocks for a 40th Anniversary quilt on the topic of Positive Ageing. Any individual member, interest group or u3a is eligible to enter now. The completed quilt will be launched on u3a Day 2022.
• A round table discussion between Eric Midwinter (our remaining Founding Father), a member of a very new u3a, the new national chairman who’ll be elected at the 2021 AGM and a well-known national figure with an interest in Positive Ageing will be recorded and made available in February 2022 when Eric reaches the age of 90.
• An intergenerational debate is being discussed as part of the AGM 2022 when, hopefully, u3as from the 4 countries of the UK will debate the topic Making a Contribution.
• The database which is being created as part of the u3a High Street project will be formally launched at the AGM, together with a project report.