u3a - EGM 2020

Notice of EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) 

An EGM will be held online on Thursday 10th December 2020, commencing at 10.00am to debate and vote on a special resolution to amend the Articles of Association. 

Purpose of the EGM

The clauses on how the Trust holds its annual general meeting are set out in its Articles of Association. At present, they do not provide for electronic participation or voting.

The Trust’s virtual AGM in September resulted from the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act which allowed companies to hold virtual AGM even where their Articles did not normally allow it. As this was emergency legislation, to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, it was time limited - originally to 30th September 2020. It has now been extended to 30th December, 2020.

Obviously, it is impossible to predict where the world will be next August when the 2021 AGM is scheduled.

Furthermore, even if large meetings are possible, there may well be a reluctance by U3A members to travel and attend a large meeting.

Nearly twice as many members attended the recent virtual AGM than previous physical ones, thereby significantly increasing the ability of members to participate. The evidence is that many members prefer to attend an AGM virtually - even when it is possible to attend physical meetings.

Against this background, the Board is recommending that the Trust’s Articles be amended so that members can attend and vote electronically at future AGMs. This does not mean that the Trust is committed to any specific format - it would be possible to have a hybrid event with members in a hall and others online, a totally virtual or a totally physical meeting. Nor does it commit the Trust to using the same technology as employed at its recent AGM. Simply put, the Trust’s aim is to have the legal means to hold an AGM where members can participate electronically, if they wish.

In order to change the Trust’s Articles, it is necessary to hold this EGM with 75% of the votes cast in a quorate meeting in favour of the Special Resolution.

After the EGM there will be a Plenary Session covering how U3As and the Trust can work together to ensure the movement is best positioned for the lifting of lockdown.

Ian McCannah
Chair – Third Age Trust
6 November 2020

How to attend the online EGM or appoint and instruct a Proxy

We are using a company called Lumiglobal to provide a secure platform for the meeting and associated voting on the day. To access the meeting, either download the dedicated “Lumi AGM” app on your smartphone or tablet or go to the dedicated EGM website at https://web.lumiagm.com on the day.

The meeting ID for the EGM is 145-788-236

Please tell us the method by which you would like to cast your U3A's vote/s by filling in our online Vote Registration form using the yellow button below this section. Then we can make sure your delegates have the right details for the Lumiglobal system, if relevant, with which to access the meeting.

Voting Delegates

If you register voting delegates they will be sent a unique password by email ahead of the meeting so they can log in with that to attend the EGM. They will then be able to cast the number of votes your U3A has allocated to them on your U3A's behalf during the meeting.

Appointing the Company Secretary as a proxy

If you appoint the Company Secretary as a proxy you will be able to instruct her how you wish her to vote on your behalf in the online registration form.

Appointing another U3A as a proxy

If you appoint another U3A as a proxy we will assign your U3As votes to that U3A. Please ensure that U3A has delegates attending the AGM and instruct them on how you would like them to vote on your U3A's behalf.

Non- Voting Delegates

Non-voting delegates are very welcome to attend the EGM. They should also download the app or go to the web address as above on the day of the meeting. They will be prompted to complete fields including their name and U3A to access the meeting as a guest. They will be able to listen and watch the presentations and slides but non-voting members will not be able to ask questions or vote, as at our usual “in person” general meetings.

If your U3A's Chair or Secretary have not yet received information regarding vote registration, please get in touch using our contact form 

Please ensure the form is only submitted once per U3A.

For reference

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