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Screen share and Polls on Zoom

This session will focus on how to prepare screen sharing sessions and how to make the best use of them during a meeting.  It will also provide advice on how to use Polls in a Zoom meeting - setting them up beforehand, starting them in the meeting and sharing the results with the participants.

Breakout Rooms on Zoom  

This Zoom training specifically on breakout rooms only. This session is for those of you that have mastered the basics could benefit from a session on breakout rooms . This 40 minute session is for anyone who leads sesions, such as socials (quizes ) or more formal events like presentations or talks. You can book this below. 

Other Zoom tutorials 

The Introduction to Zoom, Hosting meetings for Groups leaders and How to use Zoom on a Tablet/ ipad  can be requested using the national tutorial request form.


Breakout rooms on Zoom

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Screen Share & Polls on Zoom November Dates

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