u3a - u3a Day

resized sherburn villages u3a dayu3a Day is an annual event to showcase the activity, learning and fun which takes place across the movement every day. It is a celebration of positive ageing highlighting our members' lived experience.

Across the UK, members hold events and showcase what u3a is all about. u3a day is held on the Wednesday of the third week of September every year, along with a week of celebrating what it means to age well.

In 2022 -  our 40th anniversary - u3a day will be held on 21 September or on a day between 18 and 26 September; decision on the date will be taken by individual u3as.

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You can find out more about u3a day on the following pages:

u3a Day 2021

Held on 2nd June, u3a Day 2021 was a real celebration of our members' experiences - despite the limitations of Covid restrictions. The annual event showed the amazing and diverse things that our members get up to including sports, crafts, reading and wine tasting.The 2021 event was enhanced by the multitude of projects, activities, outcomes and new approaches to communication that have emerged as a consequence of the 2020 pandemic lockdown period.