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Publicity Materials

New Publicity 2


New for 2020 Publicity Materials: Here is a set of new-look publicity materials which celebrate the fun of being part of U3A and reflect the positive experiences still to come in your Third Age. You will find downloads of artwork to create banners, posters, leaflets plus free to order paper versions of the new leaflet and posters.

Branding Guidelines



Brand Guidelines 2020: These brand guidelines are applicable to the above publicity materials

 Old Publicity


Older Publicity Materials: These materials use the old U3A branding style, but contain great content on what the U3A is all about. These can still be used by U3As for promotional purposes until we replace them with versions incorporating the new branding.

 You can also produce your own marketing materials using local printer companies/manufacturers in line with the above Brand Guidelines using the official U3A Logos (available to download here) and U3A font (available to download here)