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What will you be doing on u3a day?

The very first national u3a day – celebrating the learning, activity and fun that happens every day in u3as across the country – will now take place on 2nd June 2021.

We had hoped that we could celebrate u3a day in 2020 but the continued uncertainty in lockdown as to whether activities could be undertaken led to a re-think. We encourage all u3as to put Wednesday 2nd June 2021 in their diaries - it is going to happen.

It is part of Volunteer Week and an opportunity to celebrate our activities, our contribution to the local community and the innovative ways members have responded to the restrictions under lockdown.

Sue Stokes, u3a day Coordinator said, “We are so excited that from now on, every year, there will be a day dedicated to learning, staying active and having fun in your Third Age - that’s people who are retired, semi-retired or no longer bringing up a family.

“We hope this day will help to challenge negative perceptions of older adults and will bring together all Third Agers in the community to learn about the contribution u3a makes to the quality of life for retired people. Even during the pandemic, u3as have kept in touch with members on various platforms and enabled them to safely continue to learn, be active and have fun”.

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If you want to find out more about organising u3a day, and what other u3as are planning, please visit our FAQs page or join the closed (u3a members only) Facebook group. Visit the u3a day Toolkit for downloadable templates and materials to assist u3as in making our long-awaited first u3a day a success.

If you are not currently a u3a member, we’d love you to come along to your local u3a event and help us celebrate the new experiences and fun we are having in the third stage of our lives. And if you want to get involved but you are not yet a member – why not consider joining? Find your local u3a here