u3a - Sherburn & Villages u3a

"First of all we decided to yarn bomb the village and identified various sites to decorate – we start doing this on Sunday30 May. Next we thought it would be fun if our group leaders did a garden display showing off their groups and happened in both Sherburn in Elmet and in neighbouring South Milford. We then created a walking map taking in the yarn bombing and the group displays for both villages. There were also a couple of little competitions for the children to spot various things in the displays and yarn bombing.

We put u3a day banners up on strategic roadside locations and asked our members to display a poster in their windows showing support for u3a.

On June 2nd we had a stand in Sherburn village centre all day with photographs and leaflets, members to talk to any interested passers by, bunting and pull up banners. 

We have also planted a new sustainable garden plot in the village in conjunction with Sherburn in Bloom and had a piece published in the local press about it mentioning u3a day. Floral displays in the village centre will be in u3a colours.

We have used local publications and social media to generate interest in what we are doing." - Lorna, Sherburn & Villages u3a

Photos by Alex Svenson