u3a - FAQs

What is the purpose of u3a day? 

  • To raise the profile of your u3a so, collectively, there is more awareness nationally 
  • To help challenge negative perceptions of older adults 
  • To invite other Third Agers to learn how u3a supports the lives of people who no longer work full time. 

Who decides what happens on u3a day? 

u3as decide what they want to do on the day. They can do something on their own or get together with nearby u3as or with one of their networks. u3a Day organised locally and maybe as part of your local community’s events. 

Any tips for organising it? 

Do set up a u3a day working group which includes non-committee and committee members. Together you can brainstorm ideas, draw up a plan of implementation, consider how to engage your members, incorporate their skills and make use of their contacts. 

Does it HAVE to be on one specific day? 

If ALL u3as took part on the same day, this would really maximise the impact of u3a day. But local circumstances may mean you need to select another day in that week. Believe it or not, half-day closing still exists in many areas where u3a members live. The day you celebrate should be a day when you can make maximum impact!  

How many members should we get involved? 

Each u3a needs to decide but it would be wonderful if as many u3a members as possible are involved on the same day. For public outdoor events such as a Ukulele Jam in a shopping centre, the numbers may be limited by the venue. So please check first! 

What could we do to raise our profile on u3a day? 

There are lots of different ideas - the more unusual and attention-grabbing the better. Some of the more popular ones include: 

  • An exhibition (eg Art, Cookery)
  • Demonstration – interactive experience 
  • Performances 
  • Flashmob 
  • u3a drop-in Café with lots of posters about Interest Groups 
  • Yarn-bombing
  • Video shared on website and YouTube 

u3a members can share ideas and discussions at our dedicated closed Facebook page. Some ideas suggested here include: 

  • Community Clean up (be sure to contact local council/parks/highways dept) 
  • Art competition with a virtual and an outdoor gallery 
  • International Café with language groups
  • Produce a cookbook 
  • Treasure Hunt - e.g. beachcombing or geocaching 
  • History walk - visit local areas of historic interest, invite those new to the area 
  • Trail of gardens with displays depicting interest groups 

Where could we host the event?  

You can host the event inside or outside or in a public venue but wherever you decide to be, make sure you are following Health and Safety guidance and advice. For Insurance and other advice such as music licences go to the advice area on the u3a website. 

How long should an event last?   

It can be as short or as long as you want: morning, afternoon or all day - whatever your members feel they can contribute and you can support. 

Who should we invite to our event?  

Involving your local community will help raise the profile of your u3a so we suggest you could offer an article to local press/media and volunteer to be interviewed on local radio. 

Why not send invitations to leading local or regional figures like council leaders, mayor and MPs, anyone who is important to your area – Lord Lieutenant, popular personalities – not forgetting Chairs and CEOs in age-related organisations like Age UK. 

How do we get ourselves noticed on the day? 

Develop contacts and keep in touch with your local press, local radio, regional TV, community websites, local social media channels and websites. 

On the day, make full use of the u3a colours and make sure you have lots of information and publications to give out (and volunteer members to do that) so that people can learn more about your u3a. 

If you have any queries please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stating your u3a. 

We’ll continue to develop our advice and will be creating toolkits – so keep visiting the website, social media and read the national newsletter – as we’ll let you know when we update the pages.