u3a 40th Anniversary Blog

Cardiff and Sully u3as join forces to promote the movement in libraries 

Published : 25 October 2022 Views: 862

Margaret from Cardiff u3a looks back on two fruitful u3a events

A man wearing a blue face mask is sitting in a library, behind is a stand that says u3a and has pictures on it. Three women are standing behind him, chatting.More than 90 members of Cardiff u3a volunteered to spend up to a day at a library sharing what is available through u3a and promoting continued learning in the Third Age. 

They worked closely with library staff and members of the public in 21 libraries across Cardiff and Penarth to familiarise them with all that u3a has to offer. Resources have been left with library staff who will continue to promote the organisation.

The profile of u3a has been raised and the publicity materials used are prompting questions and interest with an increase in email and Beacon enquiries. There was a large turnout for the Cardiff Meet the Groups event where the atmosphere was vibrant and the enthusiasm contagious. New groups are already in place and more are being planned. 

In addition to attracting new members, the library events enabled the volunteers to meet people from other groups, find new interests, and sow seeds for some of the new group ideas.

In particular, the joint event between Cardiff and Sully u3a in Penarth Library was fruitful in terms of shared ideas and new contacts.

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