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London u3as walk 3,100 miles for u3a week

Published : 04 October 2022 Views: 952

Derek, from the London region of u3as, talks about the London Region's challenge of members walking London

A large group of older adults, many wearing blue and yellow, are standing in front of a sign post pointing to it. They are standing on the streets of London in front of an old building.

Around 12 older adults are standing on a green field next to a trail map. They have two small dogs with them.

A large group of older adults are standing in a wooded parkland area, in front of a treeA large group of older adults standing on a walking path, behind a field gate


To support the ‘40th Anniversary Programme’ the London Region organised that as many as possible of the 43 London Region u3as collectively walk around London – twice. Once around the Capital Ring, 78 miles, and once around the ‘London Outer Orbital Path (LOOP), 150 miles.

Most of this was scheduled for the week before and the week of, ‘u3a Week’. Some u3as were to walk more than one section, others were joining up with their neighbouring u3a to walk the same section together.

The target, apart from walking the two circumnavigations was to get at least 200 members taking part with many wearing u3a colours. Some engaged with their local press to gain publicity and raise awareness of u3a. 

In the end 27 u3as took part with 514 members collectively walking 3,100miles. Thanks to all that supported.

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