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Northants u3a Walk A Mile A Member

Published : 03 August 2022 Views: 1145

Tony from the Northants Network talks about their 40th Anniversary challenge in which each Northants u3a will be walking a mile for each of their members.

photoshop-northampton-u3a.jpgNorthampton u3a members on one of their walks 7 people walking, with hiking sticksThrapston u3a members walking for the challenge

Northants Network is challenging local u3as to walk a mile for every member of the Northants u3a. The walking challenge, which started in March, will finish on National u3a day September 21 2022 at Chester House Estate.

The challenge is going from strength to strength. We now have 11 out of 13 Northants u3as participating in the challenge and are now aiming for a total target of 10,000 miles or more prior to September 21st.This will represent a challenge of walking two miles for every member of our Northants u3a - a significant achievement. Members seem to be enthused by the challenge. It is a good example of a Network initiative focussing efforts from member u3as towards a single, common goal. 

The “mile a member” walking challenge provides an opportunity for the Northants u3as to join together on a project that will showcase u3a members as socially and physically active, healthy, outgoing members of the community. Each participating u3a will act autonomously, tackling the challenge in a way that suits their u3a best. The only stipulation is that prior to September 21 2022 each u3a manages to walk the same number of miles as it has members. Many u3as are intending to utilise their walking groups to contribute the majority of their miles, but any member of the u3a is welcome to contribute miles to the total.

The walking challenge will finish at Chester House Estate, where we hope local press, dignitaries and VIPs will be present, to celebrate completion of the challenge.

How are you celebrating the 40th Anniversary and u3a week? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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