How to guidance

Charity Digital provides any U3A which holds a registered charity number access to donation programmes from various software companies.
Through Charity Digital's programme, U3As can access much cheaper access to software than possible anywhere else by encouraging companies like Microsoft, Zoom and Adobe to donate products and charging a small admin fee.
The upshot is that every U3A can save around 90-95% on things like Microsoft Office 365, Norton Security licences and more. It’s completely free to register but does require you to submit some of your charity’s details.
Several U3As are already registered but there are still a good few that haven’t yet.
Please note that your U3A has to have a valid charity number or an HMRC Gift Aid number to enable you to purchase software through the Chraity Digital programme.
Please do not use the U3A National Offices own charity number as Charity Digital will reject your request for legal reasons.