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100 u3as now on SiteWorks

Published : 01 May 2024 Views: 911

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Coventry Spires u3a recently became the 100th u3a to be migrated onto SiteWorks, the new website software built and managed by u3a volunteers, for u3as.

The SiteWorks initiative, which began over two years ago, emerged from the need to provide a modern replacement for Site Builder, which had been instrumental in creating and maintaining over 700 u3a websites across the UK. The project is distinctively driven and supported by u3a volunteers, who are involved in developing, testing and supporting the websites.

Since February, the team have been working on migrating the 700 u3as currently using SiteBuilder over to SiteWorks. A group of volunters, known as 'The Pioneers' tested new product features and functions and became the first to adopt SiteWorks, paving the way for others to follow. Many of these Pioneers have since transitioned into the role of Migrators, assisting fellow Web Managers in migrating to the new platform.

The recent milestone achieved by Coventry Spires u3a signifies a significant step forward for the SiteWorks project, exemplifying the huge effort and commitment from u3a volunteers.

Bishop Auckland & District member Pam is one of the many volunteers involved. Pam says, "I think what is happening with this project is amazing and what we are achieving as a team is to be celebrated."

The websites have been designed to be professional-looking, attractive, and easy for u3a members to navigate. As u3a websites are all run by volunteers at local u3as, it was important from the start that they are easy to use, with a graphical interface so that even non-technical u3a members can be trained to use it.

Explore Coventry Spires u3a's new SiteWorks website, and discover more about the SiteWorks project by visiting their website.


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