u3a - u3as enjoy meeting face to face again

three men standing in front of a stone wallgroup of people at a cafe holding up their sketchesgroup of people standing by their bikes smiling at camera

u3a members have been sharing stories and photos of them meeting in person again.

As Covid restrictions have eased, many u3a members have enjoyed the opportunity to connect, socialise and learn with each other in person, which for many u3a members is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. From dry stone walling to urban sketching, members have been sharing the joy of being able to socialise with each other face to face, within Covid restrictions.

At the same time, u3as are continuing to enjoy the benefits of digital learning. Many are using hybrid methods to involve as many people as possible, such as Branston u3a who streamed their first face to face meeting since the beginning of the pandemic on Zoom so that more members could join virtually.

If you are a u3a member, you can find the latest advice on how to meet face to face on our advice pages.

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Photos: Dronfield & District u3a Dry Stone Walling group, Evesham u3a Urban Sketching group, Burton On Trent Social Cycling group