u3a - Counting up to Beacon 500

Beacon, the management system created and run by u3a members, will soon be celebrating its 500th u3a to use the system.

Beacon is a membership management system that helps u3as to manage members, groups and finances. It was created and run by a group of dedicated u3a members - an example of u3a's self-help ethos. First set up in 2015, it is now about to welcome it's 500th u3a.

Aylsham & District u3a were the first u3a to use Beacon. Chair Jean, commenting on the landmark of 500 u3as, says, "I think it’s brilliant. It’s been built by u3a members for u3as. It covers everything you need to cover your u3a."

We will be celebrating the count up to 500 u3as with content on our channels about members' experiences of Beacon. Our first blog post - an interview with Jean - is on our Sources blog now.

If you're a u3a who would like to find out more about Beacon, visit their website.

If you're not yet a u3a member, why not join our community?