u3a - Chester u3a Working Together for Advent

Chester u3a have created an advent calendar for their members.

The calendar is made up of submissions from interest groups and commitee members from across Chester u3a, showcasing the skills, talent and interests of their members. 

From Photography to German Improvers, interest groups were not only submitting their own content but working with other groups - such as the Digital Photography group who have been assisting with video editing.

Sue Foy, one of the organisers of the advent calendar, says, ‘Everyone’s been helping each other. We’re looking at more cross group-collaboration in the future. It’s been a very creative thing to do. Although in theory there are 24 groups, more have been involved than that. We’ve learnt new skills. Definitely some people have been surprised by what they could achieve.’

Chester u3a members have responded positively to the calendar, with website views soaring. In the first five days of December, the Chester u3a website had more hits than in the whole previous month.

See the advent calendar 

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