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Interest Groups Online Copyright and GDPR

2. Data Protection

Beacon allows group leaders to have access to the personal data of their group members via Beacon. Group organisers must ensure that they are compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) in dealing with this data. The information should only be used to communicate with members about group activities and not for personal reasons unless permission is granted.

Group leaders should only contact their members via email using Beacon, and not using personal email clients such as gmail or outlook. The only exception to this rule is when a group does not operate via zoom, but operates via email communication, where explicit written permission has been provided.

Before taking a screenshot of a meeting on zoom which may be made public, everyone who will be in the screenshot should be asked if they agree to this. Anyone who does not agree should be asked to turn off their camera. If this is not possible, the photograph should not be taken or published. The same applies to recording meetings. 

For more details please read the Third Age Trust’s privacy policy

3. Recording a zoom meeting

It is possible to make a recording of part or all of a zoom meeting. This has both GDPR and copyright implications which should be considered carefully before making a recording, and before a recording is distributed outside the group to group members or otherwise.

If the meeting is to be recorded, everyone member who will appear or be heard in the recording must give their written permission. They should be told how and with whom the recording will be shared and used afterwards.

If you do not have this permission from all members, please refrain from recording or sharing a recording of your meetings.

If you have a speaker at your meeting, you could gain their written permission and only record when they are presenting. If you do so, ensure that you are on ‘Speaker View’ on zoom, so that no other members are recorded. If possible on your zoom account, spotlight the presenter for the recording.

All material shared in any recorded zoom session should be copyright free. If any copyrighted material is used during the zoom meeting, this must not be included in the recording due to the risk of it being shared more widely, no longer falling because it could be shared more widely outside the closed group of members and would no longer fall under the “fair dealing” rule. This could incur a fine for the speaker or for IGO.

4. Contact

Please use the following details to contact the IGO Team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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