September News Extra

IGO September News Extra

Hello readers,

As some of you know I’m a real tennis fan and I have spent far too much time watching the US Open in September - as I write Sabalenka has just won her semifinal over Maddison Keys and will face the 19 year old Coco Gauff in the final. In the men's it looks like it's going to be a Djokovic-Alcaraz final. I’m currently predicting the champions will be Sabalenka and Alcaraz.

But enough of what I’ve been doing – I hope you’ve been enjoying the warm weather and taking a break from your garden etc to attend your favourite IGO group sessions.

We’ve lots of news for you in this edition and I’ll take this opportunity to remind you of all the sessions available in our IGO Online Fair 2-6 October – remember, friends who are not yet members can attend the tasters to give them an idea of what we do – hope you can make it… 

Latest from New York – how wrong could I be... Coco won the women’s and Novac the men’s! 

a crowd of people watching tennis in the sunshine

Helen Titherington, Trust Volunteer – IGO News Extra Editor

Groups to Join

Do any of these groups interest you? You can join any of these groups by following the instructions on the Interest Groups Online groups page

Arts and Crafts Group 

collage of trees and a bridge, stitched on paper
Lesley's work (clockwise from left) - collage with stitching and painting - cross stitch swallows - acyrlic painting. 

I really enjoy the arts and craft group. The group is really friendly and welcoming. Members of the group have expertise in a variety of crafts, and I enjoy listening to them describe their work. It gives me ideas to try in my own craft work.

I have here a few pictures of some of my work…. I hope you enjoy them…

Lesley, Group member

With members encouraged to give short talks on artists/exhibitions of their choosing, you get some lovely insights into those you have heard little or nothing of, or have little chance of visiting.  The group engages you with art not necessarily in the main art stream. 

Barbara, Group member 

a cross stitch artwork of 5 swallows on a wire
an acrylic painting of the coast with a flowered grass on the right of it

IGO Online Fair - Taster sessions open for booking

You and your friends can now book to try out different IGO groups as part of the IGO Online Fair. 

Sessions will take place at 10am, 11.30am and 3pm on every day between 2-6 October and can be booked for free via the IGO Online Fair webpage.

The fair is open to all, showcasing IGO groups to IGO members, u3a members and non members. 

You can download the promotional poster to share with your local u3a or, and find out more on the IGO Online Fair webpage. 

IGO Online Fair Poster 23 (563.14 KB)

Why I Love IGO

This month we hear from Catherine, who is a member of both Newcastle u3a and Interest Groups Online. Catherine has sadly recently had a fall, but has found the power of zoom and IGO to be a welcome respite in her recovery. Read the article Why I Love IGO by Catherine

News from the 'Forty Questions Quiz' group 

So far, our group has had general knowledge quizzes within a broad-based theme – we have had Australasia; Canada; and British Comedy Classics to name but three.

All the group members are invited to send in questions (and answers of course) but next month the whole quiz will be set by group member Sean.

Sean has been a winner now of 3 of our quizzes and has said he would set the questions for our next session - brilliant. I have no idea how he will play it but no doubt it will be intriguing and fun.

Helen, Group Leader

chalkboard advertising a pub quiz every tuesday at 7pm

News from the 'Coffee and Conversation' group 

The monthly IGO coffee and conversation group continue their meetings this month, Each month the session takes place on a different day and time, to allow as many people as possible to make it. Join the group on Beacon to meet other IGO members and get to know people in other groups. 

a colourful stripy coffee cup in the sunshine

Film Quiz - True or False?

1. Oliver Reed starred in Ridley Scotts film Gladiator (2000) but died during the production.

2. Kathryn Bigelow directed The Hurt Locker (2008)

3. The film, We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) was directed by Lynne Ramsey and starred Lionel Shriver as Kevin.

4. 12 Years a slave (2013) depicted the life of Solomon Northup and was directed by Steve McQueen

5. Daniel Day-Lewis starred in the Spielberg film Lincoln (2012) about the assassination of the president.

Get the answers to these questions in next month's News Extra!
a black and white photo of a man in a pin stripe suit with a moustache

August News Extra Anagrams - Answers

Unscramble the letters to find ten crafts or pastimes

  1. Mcaemra (Macrame)
  2. ediiety- 2 words. (Tie dye)
  3. Gtiniknt (Knitting)
  4. Cohtecr (Crochet)
  5. Niapgitn (Painting)
  6. Ychaplairg (Caligraphy)
  7. Gsneiw (Sewing)
  8. Yermdbiro (Embroidery)
  9. sskcoroabp - 2 words. (Scrap Books)
  10. Lecgoal (Collage)

IGO now has two groups dedicated to films – Film Review which meets at 2pm on the 3rd Friday of the month and Cinema! which meets at 2pm on the first Friday of the month – why not enjoy more from the big screen by joining via Beacon

New Groups 

Science and Technology

Wow! Another new group! This group has now launched with around 16 members. It is scheduled to meet from 2.30pm on the first Monday of the month.  The group will discuss the programme of subjects to be covered and everyone will be expected to undertake a little research prior to the meetings, so that they are better able to enter into the discussion.

Members who wish to will be encouraged to give a specific talk or presentation, but this is not in any way mandatory. 

Could you be the IGO membership support volunteer?

As you may know, IGO is run primarily by a group of 3 very dedicated volunteers; Catherine, Helen and Tomy, with assistance from Stephanie. They are supported by u3a office staff members Georgia and Katie.

The team work hard to create and maintain the IGO webpages, manage the groups, create new groups, and of course create the monthly News Extra that you are reading now.

We are looking for another volunteer to join the team who can support IGO members with Beacon and by answering their queries. No prior experience is necessary and full training will be provided. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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