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AI for Everyone

AI for everyone - A four-week course, starting  on Monday 5 February 2024, at 9.15am. Programme:

Week 1 - Generative AI.  Using AI to generate stories, poems, and pictures.
Week 2 - Fakenews.  What is it?  How is it generated? How to protect yourself against AI-generated fraud.
Week 3 - Bots, apps and more.  Bob and Kevin.  Ameca and friends.  Virtual Assistants. Co-pilots. AI in Everything.
Week 4 - Society.  AI is predicted to have a huge impact on society - Jobs, UBI, Education, Healthcare.

More information in the AI for everyone library

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It is a computer mimicking intelligent human behaviour. A computer that accepts text, voice and visual input and generates a text, voice and visual output. Simple? Well, maybe.
When asked to generate an image of ‘a Victorian couple walking hand in hand across St Paul’s Square’, it will do just. Similarly, when asked to generate ‘a rhyming poem about a u3a couple’ it does just that.
You may have seen the Fakenews headlines or seen a video of an impersonation of someone. AI makes it easier for the Fraudsters to generate this misinformation.
Every time you pay for something using your bank card, the bank uses AI to validate the payment. Deliveroo uses AI to ensure your takeaway gets to you quickly. When you come through Border Control AI is checking your face against your passport photo.
Learn about the fascinating world of AI and its impact on society.

If you are interested, please enrol in Beacon to the AI for Everyone (3) Mar group. The first meeting is on 4 March 2024.


Weekly on Mondays from 9.15am to 10.15am

Group Size & Availability

Minimum 10, maximum 100

Spaces Available

How to Join

You can join this group, or the waiting list, via the Beacon Members Portal. To join a group you must first subscribe to Interest Groups Online. This is separate to a local u3a membership. 

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